The story of eiv begins a few generations back, when the designer’s, Evelyn Holzeis', great great grandfather, Pietro Assante, moved from Naples to Constantinople in the mid-1800s. A jeweler by trade, Pietro made beautiful pieces in his new atelier and shortly after opened his shop. Over the years, he shared his jewelry-making skills with his children and grandchildren. The craftsmanship and tradition was passed down four generations, inspiring Evelyn at a very young age.

Her label- eiv reflects bridging of times and generations, as well as different designs and cultures that the designer had exposure to while growing up. Raised in multiple cities- Frankfurt, New York, Istanbul and Florence- Austrian-born, Evelyn studied Economics at New York University. After working in finance for several years and designing her own jewelry on the side, she decided to step away and continue her family’s heritage under her own label.

Based in Luxembourg, she continues to work with the same studio in the heart of the old city district of Istanbul, an area known since centuries for its flourishing artisan workshops. Influenced by her heritage, eiv embodies old-world designs with hints of the Orient and Viennese decadence, balanced with contemporary elements.